My lifes call

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Karma- Ondhu Nanyadha Kathe

An Inspector Vs Magician story surrounding a missing rare coin.
Concept of Karma catches showing - Your actions determine your results.
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My Life's call- Nanna jeevada Kare

An emotional story around a job loss , A 20 min short film by Sandeep Purushotham. Inspired by real life incidents... How his young daughter becomes the turning point of his life becomes the crux of the story.


Synopsis- Aaa 15 Nimishagalu , Those 15 minutes


What happened in those 15 mins forms the suspense part in this crime story...Episodes 1 to 8. How a crime was committed in 15 mins ? A Murder and suspense story involving real estate Mafia spanning 1 hour split into 8 episodes...


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