HI! Am Sandeep purushotham a graduate of B.E in CS from thimmaiah institute of technology and a SME in Database tech working in an IT company as a manager.

I have always been passionate about films and cricket !

As a cricketer, i played for dooravani club 2nd division league and also represented my academic institutions all through my student days.

My other passion is film making and acting.

I have acted in theatre plays being part of some of the kannada theatre groups.

My favourite play was Mruchhakatika from samashti theatre group where i played the character of a thief and a lover called sharvilaka which received appreciation on udaya news.

I have acted in many serials like Badhuku,Muktha,rangoli,mounaraaga,Munjavu, Muktha muktha..etc

Playing the character of an investigation officer in CMs murder case called sandeep chadani
in muktha muktha was fun.

Serials tend to be monotonous ,so right now i'm looking at making short films for online audience and film festivals.

.All my future projects starting from the current short film "my life's call" will be showcased through this website.

Making creative projects is my motto.....



Here is the link to my Youtube videos :