Nagara Havu ,A classic cult movie:

Movie Nagarahavu directed by puttanna kanagal is a cult movie which was released in 1972.
it ran for years in theatre launching  vishnuvardhan towards stardom .

This movie is scripted from 3 novels of TR subba rao with excellent direction from legendry
director  puttanna  kanagal. Music of the movie became a mega hit.

so what is it about this movie?

It is a triangular love story set in the town of chitradurga with an highlight on different characters
around the protagonist whose attitude is characterized to be equivalent to a snake .
hence the movie name nagrahavu which means cobra.

Its all about the life around protagonist Ramachari who is the angry young and strong man attached
mainly towards his teacher chamayya meshtru from childhood. Only Chamayya meshtru can control him.

Ramachari who is poor in studies gets into fights easily during his student days in college with anyone who opposes him.
He false in love with Almelu sister  of his friend Varadha who initially promises to marry them
but later on backtracks and almelu is forcefuly married off to a businessman in a city much to the
dissapointment of Ramachari and almelu.

As her parents prefer a wealthy businessman to someone who is not good in his education.
Chamayya meshtru convinces Ramachari to let go his love.
Later Ramacharis gets into a fight with a christian girl who is his classmate by name margaret in college.
In time the fights fade ,friendship blossoms and they both fall in love deciding to marry.
During this time Ramachari stumbles upon almelu when he is on work ,he finds out she is being used as a call girl by her husband.
Almelu realizes Ramachari has fallen in love with Margaret and asks him not to leave her listening to anyone else.
Though Ramachari would want to help almelu, she leaves without his knowledgewhen she learns Ramachari is in love with Margret toavoid any other problems.

Ramachari comes back to his town , both Ramachari and Margaret decide to marry but the people in the society opposes them
citing inter religion as an issue.
Because of pressure from people in his society ,Again Chamayya meshtru interferes trying  to convince Ramachari to let go his love again.
Ramachari becomes furious and informs his teacher that he listened to what he said on almelu which reuslted in almelu becoming a call girl.
This time he is not ready to listen to him.
In the end of the film Ramachari,margaret and chamayya meshtru end up on the chitradurga fort having a heated conversation.
So the movie ends with an intense scene.
will Ramachari marry Margaret or not? So what happens now is an interesting climax of the movie.
its a must watch movie for everyone.
This movie is a class apart with all characters doing justice to their roles.
Finally the character Ramachari remains etched in the memories of  people of his state for a very long time.
Though this movie was made in different languages, none matched the intensity seen in kannada.